Massage Pro

Rs. 8,990/-

Discription of Massage Pro:

Massage Pro Slimming Belt is an amazing product which helps you to lose your fat very easily and quickly. It gives a proper shape to your body by burning extra fat and toxins. Using this massage pro belt is very as you have to use it on that part of your body which is having extra fat and you have burn that. It has dual motor which makes it to vibrate and the pressure of vibration is equally divided. It allows optimum vibration and load Technology specifically designed for the human body and thus it is more effective than other devices.

Features of Massage Pro :

1- Brand new Product, Relaible Quality and Competitive Price.
2- Simple but Attractive Design, Easy to Handel and Assamble.
3- It is a high performance Slimming Belt.
4- It slims each different part of the body.
5- It slims abdomen area, shoulders, thighs, back, calf.
6- It provides 3 heat levels to help promote blood circulation.
7- It can be used anytime just for 10 minutes daily.
8- It is perfect for massage and relaxing the body along with burning fat.
9- It has auto or manual mode with 5 levels of speed for each mode.
10- It contains a programmable remote control for speed and direction.

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